Sørensen, Bent: It is Pain Flowing Down Slowly on a White Wall (accordion and strings) 20′

WP Ultima Festival, Oslo 2011. Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Lars-Erik ter Jung (leader), Frode Haltli (accordion)

”It is pain flowing down slowly on a white wall’ – The sentence – the title – was given to me by a Hungarian women in August 2008. She put a note with the sentence in my hand after a festival – Arcus Temporum in Pannonhalma, Hungary, and told me that my music reminded me of the sentence, written by a Hungarian poet. I immediately loved the sentence and decided one day to write a piece, which would remind me about the note and use the sentence as a title.

It is music full of slow motion – full of sorrow – full of tangos with no dancers. Maybe I imagined the tears of an Accordion player flowing down slowly on the bellows of the instrument.

‘It is pain flowing down slowly on a white wall’ was commissioned by and dedicated to Frode Haltli.’

Bent Sørensen, June 2011