Accordion and voice(s)

Marcus Paus: The Beauty That Still Remains (2015, for accordion and girls’ choir, text by Anne Frank) 35′ Premiere: May 8 2015, The Oslo University Aula (NO), The Norwegian Girls’ Ch…read more

Saxophone, accordion and double bass

Frode Haltli has worked with the trio POING since 1999. They have commissioned more then 50 works from composers such as Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Sachiyo Tsurumi, Øyvind Torvund, Aki Asgeirsson…read more

Accordion, guitar and percussion

Arne Nordheim: Signals 9′ Per Nørgård: Arcana 14′ Finn Mortensen: Constellations 8′…read more

Accordion and piano

Uros Rojko: Bagatellen…read more

Accordion and winds

Jyrki Linjama: Hymn (vl/cl/acc) 8′ Isabel Mundry: Spiegel Bilder (cl/acc) 12′ Tapio Nevanlinna: Foto (cl/acc) 5′…read more

Accordion and percussion

Magnus Lindberg: Metal Work 15′ Thorbjørn Lundquist: Duell 9′ Gerhard Stäbler: Zeitsprünge 16′ Sachiyo Tsurumi: Ganguro (acc/mar) 10′…read more

Accordion and strings

Accordion and string orchestra: Bach, Carl Phillipp Emanuel: Concerto in d minor, Wq 23 (version for accordion and string orchestra) 25′ Gubajdulina, Sofia: Sieben worte (cello, accordion and st…read more