Believe it or not, this whole web page is done in WordPress, a very popular and open source tool, mainly used for blogs. All though it doesn’t look like a typical WordPress blog at all!

I wanted to use WordPress because my wife uses it for her page, and it seemed really easy to edit in this tool, and also to make bigger changes (in the menu etc) if necessary. My previous site was really cool back in 2002, but it was very difficult to manage when I wanted to do other changes than just editing text, and the whole site was kind of unpractical and out-dated.

Only one man could create the highly original and advanced solutions you will find on these pages: André Pahl, a web designer and programmer based in Berlin. He is truly amazing! The site doesn’t look like a typical WordPress site at all, it works really smooth and looks fabulous, and it has a lot of clever technical solutions which involves other free or affordable online platforms (Flickr, YouTube, Soundcloud etc)

You can check out more of André’s work here, but please check out the site you’re on first! And feel free to contact me if you find bugs..!