Trygve Seim/Frode Haltli concert on web radio

The live recording is from a tour I did with Trygve Seim in Holland in 2012. The set-list was different from every night (actually we never decide before a performance), but according to VPRO’s home page this was what we performed this evening. You might listen to it here, I don’t know for how long it will be out for streaming.


1. Intro Bimhuis – F. Haltli
Beginning and Ending – T. Seim
Interlude Bimhuis – Seim/Haltli
Bhavana – T.Seim

2. Tom Waltz – T.Seim

3. Intro Bimhuis II – F. Haltli
Airamero – T. Seim


1. Introduction – Seim/Haltli
Bayati/Duduki – G.I.Gurdijev
Introduction – T.Seim
Yeraz – traditonal/arr. Seim/Haltli
L’altra Storia – T.Seim

2. Fast Jazz – T.Seim
Answer me my Love – Fred Rauch/Carl Sigman/Gerhard Winkler