Release concert Avant Folk

‘Avant Folk Triptyk’ releases September 22nd 2023, tickets out now for concert at Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Oslo the same evening!
Frode Haltli ‘Avant Folk’ is an all-star cast of Norwegian musicians spanning all ages, generations and genres, an elaboration of Frode Haltli’s work somewhere in the twilight zone between jazz, contemporary and folk music. This is the ensemble’s third album release.

Under is a video from the ensemble’s last concert at Victoria, performing ‘Trippar’, a tune that will be included on the forthcoming album, all though in a slightly different version…

Filmed from the audience with one camera by Odd Geir Sæther, sound from the mixing desk. Prillar (Frode Haltli) performed by Avant Folk featuring Frode Haltli – accordion, Erlend Apneseth – Hardanger fiddle, Hans P. Kjorstad – violin, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm – alto saxophone, Hildegunn Øiseth – trumpet and goat horn, Oddrun Lilja – guitar, Juhani Silvola – guitar, Ståle Storløkken – organ and synth, Ole Morten Vågan – double bass, Per Oddvar Johansen – drums, and sound engineer Ingar Hunskaar.