Ragnhild Furebotten / Frode Haltli concert

From time to time broadcasted concerts get available for streaming. Now you can listen to a duo concert I did with fiddler Ragnhild Furebotten in Opatija, Croatia in June 2011 on the RTVE web radio. Ragnhild is from the northern part of Norway, and most of the material we play on this concert is composed by her, or it is arrangements of traditional tunes from the north. Some of the music you can find in trio versions with us and Gjermund Larsen on the album ‘Endelig vals’ (2007).

The concert was fun to do, all though the circumstances were quite strange: We performed in a harbor, actually on a pier with quite a lot of water in between us and the audience. We will do a duo performance this autumn again, at the Osa Festival 2012 in Voss, Norway.