New album April 2018

You can now pre-order the forthcoming album ‘Avant Folk’ on the home page of the Norwegian quality label Hubro, listen to the first track of the album on Soundcloud, read more and listen in this page’s Discography section! Release concert April 4th 2018 on Victoria Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo, see also the Facebook event for more info. Next concert with ‘Avant Folk’ at Nattjazz, Bergen in May.


Frode Haltli ‘Avant’ Folk is an all-star cast of Norwegian musicians spanning all ages, generations and genres, a elaboration of Frode Haltli’s work somewhere in the twilight zone between jazz, contemporary and folk music. “This is the beautiful world of Frode Haltli. It combines embellishment with devilry, alternating between the church and the forest.” (Arild R. Andersen,

The featured musicians are Erlend Apneseth on hardanger violin and Hans P. Kjorstad on violin, Ståle Storløkken on harmonium and synthesizers, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm on saxophones, Hildegunn Øiseth on trumpet, Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir and Juhani Silvola on guitars, Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson on double bass and Siv Øyunn Kjenstad on drums. The album is mixed by Maja S.K. Ratkje, who also produced the music with Frode Haltli. Photo under by Knut Utler:

haltli avantfolk s shv