Fruits of Labour

Recorder player Anna Petrini and nyckelharpist Emilia Amper have commissioned a 40 minutes long work by Frode Haltli. The three first parts of the piece will be first performed at Frontside – Gothenburg International Chamber Music Festival on January 15th 2023. The work is entitled ‘Fruits of Labour’ and is a selection of pieces exploring the musical possibilities of this duo, consisting of two musicians rooted in traditional, classical and contemporary music.

‘It is not really a very ambitious work, in spite of its 40 minutes duration. It is a collection of pieces derived from my experiences as a performer and composer through the years. These are in a way commonly available experiences, I don’t claim to have invented something completely new. It should be possible to hear inspiration from everything from Bach and Messiaen to traditional music from different parts of the world, probably dependant on the listener’s own background. I love the combination of different recorders and nyckelharps, and am truly happy that the duo chose to commission a work from me!’