Avant Folk feat. Helga Myhr

On November 29th 2020 Frode Haltli ‘Avant Folk’ would have performed at the main stage of the Norwegian Opera with Helga Myhr as a guest in the band. When the concert was cancelled on short notice due to corona regulations, the musicians decided to record a Christmas song to soften the blow.

Singer and Hardanger fiddle player Helga Myhr brought a little known song from her home village: ‘St. Morten’, a traditional Norwegian version of ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’. An impressive cumulative song, where gifts beyond what you could possibly expect is given through 12 verses.

Frode Haltli had ideas for an arrangement of the song which also incorporated the Scottish tune ‘The Badger’ and the Swedish polska ‘Back-Marits vallåt’. The recording took place in the beautiful Oppegård Church in Svartskog, Frode Haltli’s home place on the countryside just outside of Oslo.

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Frode Haltli will release ‘Avant Folk II’ on Hubro in March 2021, a full-length album of new original music for this all-star ensemble.

Frode Haltli ‘Avant Folk’ feat. Helga Myhr: 

Helga Myhr, vocals and Hardanger fiddle

Frode Haltli, accordion

Hans P. Kjorstad, fiddle

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, saxofon

Hildegunn Øiseth, goat horn

Ståle Storløkken, organ

Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir, acoustic guitar

Juhani Silvola, acoustic guitar

Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson, double bass

Recorded by Trond Kjelsås in Oppegård Church, Svartskog November 24, 2020

Mixed og mastered by Maja S.K. Ratkje

Produced by Frode Haltli

Video: Trond Kjelsås