Trygve Seim: Sangam

“Sangam”, means “coming together”, in Sanskrit, sometimes taken to signify “the meeting point of three rivers”. Interpret that literally in Trygve Seim’s case and the different rivers might symbolize the cross-referencing of jazz, contemporary composition and diverse world folk traditions in his work. On the second ECM album issued under his name, the Norwegian saxophonist draws inspiration from musical and non-musical sources both local and far-flung, bringing these influences to bear on compositions and arrangements that are uniquely personal.

“Sangam” is close in spirit to “Different Rivers”, the ECM debut that overwhelmed international critics in 2001.

Release details:

ECM 1797
released 2004


Trygve Seim (tenor and soprano saxophones)
Håvard Lund (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Nils Jansen (bass saxophone, contrabass clarinet)
Arve Henriksen (trumpet)
Tone Reichelt (french horn)
Lars Andreas Haug (tuba)
Frode Haltli (accordion)
Morten Hannisdal (cello)
Per Oddvar Johansen (drums)
Øyvind Brække (trombone)
Helge Sunde (trombone)
String Ensemble
Christian Eggen (conductor)

Produced by Manfred Eicher

Beginning an Ending
Himmelrand i Tidevand
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