Sigurd Hole: Roraima

Roraima, by Norwegian bassist and composer Sigurd Hole, was commissioned by Oslo World for the festival in 2020. The work reflects themes such as solidarity and ecological vulnerability and draws inspiration from the creation myth of the Yanomami people and the sound of the Amazon rainforest.

The ensemble features Trygve Seim, Frode Haltli, Helga Myhr, Tanja Orning, Håkon Aase, Per Oddvar Johansen and Sigurd Hole, and the music also includes field recordings of the Amazon biophony by US soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause. The album is a live recording from the premiere in Jakob Church, Oslo, October 29th 2020.

‘Roraima is the northernmost state of Brazil. It is home to the Yanomami and several other Indigenous peoples, and like the rest of the Amazon basin it is also home to an incredible diversity of animal and plant life. While listening to field recordings from the Amazon for the first time, I was surprised by how densely packed the whole sound spectrum was; a perfectly executed orchestration literally teeming with life. It took some time getting accustomed to this intense quality of sound, but after a while I settled into a more relaxed mode of listening. Suddenly, a bird cut through the dense wall of sound repeating a simple phrase with a very distinct tonality. This phrase, which I later learned was performed by the red-billed toucan, reoccurs in many of the different movements throughout the musical work ‘Roraima’.

‘Roraima’ is both a celebration of the soundscapes of the natural world, an expression of grief as many of these sounds fade away – and a prayer. A prayer that world leaders will finally listen to the voice of our planet as it begs us to change our course. The growth imperative of our economic system wreaks havoc on all of nature, and will ultimately lead to our own demise.

However, there is another way to be found. The ancient wisdom of Indigenous peoples gives us clues to a completely different approach to interacting with nature. We should listen to what they have to say.’

– Sigurd Hole

Release details:

Released by Elvesang February 18th 2022


Trygve Seim – saxophone
Håkon Aase – violin
Frode Haltli – accordeon
Helga Myhr – hardanger fiddle
Tanja Orning – cello
Per Oddvar Johansen – vibraphone
Sigurd Hole – Double bass

Sound recording, mix and master by Audun Strype / Strype Audio
Produced by Sigurd Hole and Audun Strype

1. The Yarori ancestors 05:16
2. The Hutukara forest 08:36
3. The Poriporiri moon being 06:49
4. The Mothokari sun being 06:02
5. The paths of light I 01:37
6. The evil Në Wari and Xawara beings 02:25
7. The presentation dance 04:44
8. The paths of light II 03:33
9. The xapiri 04:52
10. The jaguar being Iramari 03:03
11. The amoa hi song tree 05:23
12. The paths of light III 01:50
13. The flowers of dream 04:07
14. The words of merchandise 09:07
15. The shaman´s death 02:31
16. The great mourning of Roraima 02:03
17. The falling sky 05:56
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