POING+Maja Ratkje: Wach auf!

The red revolution has a new face in our time. Is it progress or sentimentality? How can we, by caressing old idioms with contemporary lust and energy, suggest an inviting alternative to the egocentric, postmodern capitalism and liberalism?

Brecht encouraged to play with and exaggerate the elements used on stage. This involved “stripping the event of its self-evident, familiar, obvious quality and creating a sense of astonishment and curiosity”. By doing so, he hoped to communicate that the audience’s reality is equally constructed and changeable. So, join us in the singing, and never stop changing!
-Maja and POING 2011

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Øra Fonogram 2011


Maja Ratkje, vocals
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, saxophone
Frode Haltli, accordion
Håkon Thelin, double bass

1. Der Morgenchoral des Peachum
2. Solidaritätslied
3. Der Song von Mandelay
4. Vom ertrunkenen Mädchen
5. Nationalhymne der DDR
6. Die Seeräuberjenny
7. Seeing Red 1
8. Revolusjonens røst
9. Gategutt
10. Youkali Tango
11. Mining for Gold
12. Seeing Red 2
13. True Colors
14. Kanonensong
15. Gosudarstvenniy Gimn SSSR
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