Pål-Kåres Elektroshop

Pål Kåres Elektroshop was formed when drummer Pål Hausken and producer/keyboardist/composer, Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim drove a big truck-load of drums, modular-synthesizers, electronics and studio-gear to Vestrheim’s rural country place in Østfold, Norway. They left all musical rules and boundaries aside and had at it with an open mind. The Idea of an “electroshop” had long awaited to reveal them selves, but now was the time for the much used backup musicians to explore the freedom and make music completely on their own premises.

Featured artists on their second album are Trygve Seim, Anja Garbarek, Thomas Dybdahl, POING, and Arve Henriksen

Release details:

Released by Propeller Recordings October 28, 2022

1 Frozen Creeks 7:06
feat. Trygve Seim
2 A Simple Dream 5:44
feat. Anja Garbarek
3 Le Diddy Modular 7:23
feat. Thomas Dybdahl
4 Poings Plopp 4:53
feat. POING
5 The Meteor Flood 5:41
6 Muddy Waters 7:35
feat. Arve Henriksen