Lars Andreas Haug Band: Conrairo

Lars Andreas Haug band’s exclusive sound is a result of music with playful improvisation and tight jazz compositions. Beautiful, funky, groovy, eccentric, witty, impromptu, pioneering and unique are but a few words that depict Lars Andreas Haug’s music. The particular blend of trumpet, accordion, Fender Rhodes, tuba, drums and vocals creates an astounding and fresh jazz experience for the listener. The musicians have worked together for a long time, developing this incomparable sound together.

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Curling Legs 2013


Lars Andreas Haug – tubmarine/tuba/soprano saxophone
Gunnar Halle – trumpet/soprano cornet
Frode Haltli – accordion
Camilla Susann Haug – vocals
Helge Lien – Fender Rhodes/piano
Knut Aalefjær – drums
Steffen Schorn – tubax

1. January
2. Conrairo
3. Vicvac
4. Sinrairo
5. Kripos
6. Lenki
7. Sarplaniac
8. Baxter
9. December
All compositions by Lars Andreas Haug
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