Klaus Ib Jørgensen: …and the Lotus Rose, Quietly, Quietly

The works for accordion – from solo and duo through chamber music to concerto – form an important strand in the output of Klaus Ib Jørgensen (b. 1967). The virtuoso potential of the instrument appeals greatly to the composer’s musical thinking, which is nourished by the vital energy discharged in the friction and encounters between opposite expressive poles. Along an elastic timeline the composer navigates intuitively between these extremes. At the same time the strong sense of form gives Klaus Ib Jørgensen’s highly complex music a remarkable transparence.

Frode Haltli plays on the piece ‘Distortion – Commentary’ for four accordions and percussion, based on a medieval tune. Performed by Geir Draugsvoll, James Crabb, Frode Haltli & Frode Andersen (all accordion) and Christian Utke Schiøler (percussion).


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Dacapo 2002


Frode Andersen, accordion Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen James Crabb, accordion Geir Draugsvoll, accordion Frode Haltli, accordion Frans Hansen, percussion Anna Klett, clarinet Jean Thorel, conductor Christian Utke, percussion Hege Waldeland, cello Deborah Wood, piano

1. Parodos (" ... and the lotos rose, quietly, quietly ... ") (1996/97)
2. Cadenza (1995)
3. Distortion - Commentary (1992)
4. Kommos (1995)
5. Temperature (1993)

All music composed by Klaus Ib Jørgensen
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