Gjermund Larsen og Bom Basker: Bom basker

In Gjermund Larsen and Bom Basker’s barn, you will hear lovely songs and clever rhymes and rules, among other things about the cat who sat under the oven, the cock who farted and Aunt Helene’s hens. The musical material is drawn from the nursery rhymes and riddles from rural Verdal, where Gjermund Larsen grew up.

The CD was nominated to ‘Spellemannprisen’ (the ‘Norwegian Grammy’) for best album for children.

Release details:

Øra Fonogram 2009


Gjermund Larsen – violin
Runa Hestad Jenssen – vocals
Frode Haltli – accordion
Trond Wiger – vocals/rap
Tor Haugerud – drums

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