Arne Egil Retteraasen’s Orkester: Vals i Unn’låva

Frode Haltli was a member of this group in his youth. The music is arranged gammeldans (literally ‘old dance’), and this MC features two original compositions by Frode Haltli: ‘Olafingen’ (reinlender) and ‘En helt vanlig fredag’ (hambo) as well as other compositions and traditonal tunes. All music is arranged for three accordions, guitar, electric bass and drums.

Release details:

Bel 1993
MC only


Arne Egil Retteraasen, accordion
Frode Haltli, accordion
Terje Rundberget, accordion
Roy Vidar Aurland, electric bass
Håkon Aasheim, guitar
Per Sagerud, drums

Recorded at Loud Level Studios, Elverum by Rolf Kjernet