Lucier, Alvin: Music for Accordion with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators 10′


Bauck, Martin Rane: The Center Cannot Hold 9′

Martin Rane Bauck: The Center Cannot Hold (2011/12) the center cannot hold hold the cannot center the hold cannot center center the cannot hold cannot hold the center…read more

Lang, Klaus: the ugly house I-V, 50′


Walter, Caspar Johannes: biegsame Wand (with electronics) 10′

Caspar Johannes Walter biegsame Wand für Akkordeon solo mit Tonband (2003) Kompositionsauftrag des WDR Köln; Harry Vogt für Teodoro Anzellotti…read more

Fox, Christopher: This Ain’t No Goin’ On 3′

This Ain’t No Goin’ On (2007-8) for accordion (3′). Written for Janne Rättyä http://foxedition.wordpress.com/new-work/…read more

Steen-Andersen, Simon: Next to Besides Besides #2 3′


Messiaen, Olivier: Les anges 3′

‘Les anges’ (The Angels), 6th movement from ‘La Nativité du Seigneur’ (1935) for organ solo.…read more

Cage, John: Souvenir 12′

John Cage (1912-1992): Souvenir (1983) Souvenir is an unusual work for Cage from 1984. After receiving half of the commission fee from the American Guild of Organists, he learned that they wanted hi…read more

Ligeti, György: Hungarian Rock 5′

Ligeti’s ‘Hungarian Rock’ is originally composed for the harpsichord. Frode Haltli performs this piece on the accordion without making any changes in the score.…read more

Xenakis, Iannis: Khoai 15

Khoai (1976) is originally composed for solo harpsichord, but Frode Haltli performs this breathtaking piece on the accordion without doing major changes in the score.…read more