Trygve Seim: Rumi Songs

Norwegian saxophonist Trygve Seim sets the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273), using the inspired contemporary English-language versions of Coleman Barks and Kabir Helminski as his source texts. Trygve responds both to the musicality of the translations and to Rumi’s gifts as a storyteller and with Rumi Songs seems to have invented a new kind of Lieder with a Nordic-Oriental orientation. The line-up is strikingly unorthodox, with each of the quartet members bringing their own musical personalities to the material. Classical mezzo-soprano Tora Augestad is well-known as the leader of her own ensemble Music For A While, and for her numerous music-theatre collaborations with Christoph Mathaler. She finds an intimate tone to convey Rumi’s thoughts, underlined by the elegant arrangements and the improvisational input of Seim, Haltli and Henryson.


Release details:

ECM 2449
Released 2016


Trygve Seim – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Tora Augestad – vocals
Frode Haltli – accordion
Svante Henrysson – cello

1. IN YOUR BEAUTY (Trygve Seim) 03:03
2.SEEING DOUBLE (Trygve Seim) 08:37
3. ACROSS THE DOORSILL (Trygve Seim) 04:21
4. THE GUEST HOUSE (Trygve Seim) 05:35
5. LEAVING MY SELF (Trygve Seim) 06:04
6. WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE (Trygve Seim) 06:34
7. LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY( Trygve Seim) 05:35
8. THE DRUNK AND THE MADMAN (Trygve Seim) 05:42
9. WHIRLING RHYTHMS (Trygve Seim) 02:40
10. THERE IS SOME KISS WE WANT (Trygve Seim) 05:38
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