Snowflake Trio: Sun Dogs

Snowflake Trio was founded in 2009, in Dundalk, Ireland where they came together as part of a larger project organised by Louth Contemporary Music Society. Featuring renowned Irish singer and flautist…read more

Frode Haltli: Avant Folk

The opening track of ‘Avant Folk’ is like a dream of what contemporary experimental folk-meets-jazz-meets-chamber-music might be. Composed by Frode Haltli, ‘Hug’ begins with a galumphing off-c…read more

Frode Haltli: Air

Frode Haltli, the uniquely expressive Norwegian accordionist, is heard here with chamber orchestra, with string quartet and solo, performing music by Danish composers Bent Sørensen (b. 1958) and Han…read more

POING & Maja S.K. Ratkje: Kapital & Moral

The combination of the trio POING and vocalist Maja S. K. Ratkje has been referred to as among the best, boldest and most innovative players in the Norwegian music community. On their new album, “Ka…read more


The Norwegian trio POING is one of Scandinavia’s leading ensembles in the contemporary field. Known for their wild virtuosity, humour, seriousness and improv, POING is impossible to pin down. Th…read more

Frode Haltli: Vagabonde Blu

In 1926, artist Emanuel Vigeland (1875-1948) built a studio in his garden at Slemdal in Oslo. He originally intended it to serve as a future museum for his sculptures and paintings, but later he brick…read more

Frode Haltli: Arne Nordheim Complete Accordion Works

Accordionist Frode Haltli is held in the highest regard world wide for his innovative work on the instrument over the past 10 years, including several successful albums in the ECM catalogue. On his ne…read more

No Spaghetti Edition: listen… and tell me what it was

No Spaghetti Edition is a free improvisation ensemble with different line-ups for every project. The music on this album is a mixture of acoustic and electronic sound, improvised live in studio. Featu…read more

No Spaghetti Edition: Pasta Variations

No Spaghetti Edition is group improvisation with a line up that frequently changes. «Pasta variations» presents an edition featuring Phil Minton, Pat Thomas, Frode Haltli, Håkon Kornstad, Ivar Gryd…read more


The second release of POING (Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, sax; Frode Haltli, accordion; Håkon Thelin, double bass) presents a wide range of styles in international contemporary music: Japanese Sachiyo Tsurumi…read more